Heron Preston – History Clothing & Collaboration

He is a great designer of streetwear. A diverse range of sources is reflected in each collection’s relaxed, bodacious pieces. This New York-based label offers high-quality, multipurpose uniforms for out-of-the-box thinkers. We cover everything you need to know about Heron Preston, from the most popular collaborations to sizing and fit. At Heron Preston store, you get the latest quality of clothing such as hoodies, jackets, pants, and Hats at a reasonable price.

Heron Preston – The Man behind the Brand

Heron Preston Johnson (age 38) graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1983. He was offered a publishing contract by Al Moran, founder of the Morán Morán art gallery (then known as OHWOW), after sharing his personal reflections and photos of street children on his blog.

Soon after, Preston connected with Virgil Abloh and began working at Nike as a marketing specialist. In 2012, Preston co-founded men’s streetwear brand Been Trill along with Abloh, Matthew Williams, Justin Saunders, Florencia Galarza, and YWP. During this time, Preston worked as Kanye West’s art director.

A zero-waste clothing and accessory collection Preston created with New York City Sanitation Department (DSNY). He was introduced to Abloh by Off-White’s Italian distribution company. Preston’s namesake label debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

In 2018, Preston also worked with NASA to celebrate NASA’s 60th anniversary. His father worked as a police officer in San Francisco between the 1980s and 1990s. He wrote a photography zine called Honorable Profession. Which featured crime scene photographs he took while running HPC Trading Co.

Heron Preston Collaborations

Heron Preston x Bape

It has delved deep into the archives of beloved Japanese streetwear label Bape to reimagine cult classics featured in a number of Virgil Abloh collaborations, including his recent collaboration with Ye (formerly Kanye West). It isn’t the first time he has worked with Bape. Heron Preston x Bape introduction to the Japanese brand was much earlier than that of the majority of his peers.

Bape was always a brand worn by industry figures in the know – starting with Pharrell Williams, The Clipse, and Ye (previously Kanye West). NIGO, the founder of Bape, was recently appointed creative director at Kenzo. Watching and absorbing the energy and taste levels of NIGO and Bape. ‘He had a special touch’, Preston recalled in a statement. Williams, Ye and other cult classics influenced Heron Preston’s latest collaboration.

Heron Preston x CAT

In addition to his work wear collection, Preston collaborated with blue collar company Caterpillar, or CAT. Taking cues from the Caterpillar archives in Bozeman, Montana, Preston, and Caterpillar create approachable work wear silhouettes with a lived-in look.

This reworked version of Caterpillar’s all-caps logo includes the “Diesel” segment covered with white appliqué. Despite retaining his trademark orange tag and “style” (“style” in Russian), Preston shows a new branding approach. “Authentic” wording and experimental dye treatments add to the challenge.

Showstudio x Heron Preston

Another heater is on the way from Show studio’s collaborative project. A hybrid turtleneck/T-shirt was created by brand based on the style of law enforcement workers. In terms of graphics, Preston continues to be fascinated by fonts in this piece. He has also designed NASCAR tees with his own logo as a member of Been Trill.

Darker and heavier is the new collaboration. Black metal band Emperor’s artwork, Death on a Pale Horse from 1775, inspired Preston.  A death metal font was created by combining the Russian words “Flame” and “Wave”.

Latest Collection of Heron Clothing

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